Passion Projects

Do you have passion projects? You know, side projects you love, work at, and bring you copious amounts of joy?

So I think I’m going to make hand lettering my passion project of late. I didn’t want to say official because that word just makes things so rigid that it’s counterintuitive to the essence of a passion project in my opinion.

I had my first art exhibition last Friday and it was amazing. I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished in my Expressive Typography class with no design or art background. People were commenting on my poster and I can’t lie that it was a boost of confidence to know that people who didn’t know I was the maker behind that piece were telling me that was their favorite one. It’s an inspiring feeling and humbling too, knowing all the work I put in it was worthwhile.

Anyways, seeing my peers and their wonderful work made me think: what would happen if I hand lettered daily? My teacher encouraged me to really pursue that and I had people at the exhibition asking if I was going to quit my day job to pursue it. I’m going to first make it my passion project and I’ll be posting here.

Right now, my pieces are helping to brighten my classroom door. 🙂

First 2!


It’s No Longer Fun and It’s All Been Overdone; So It’s All Over Now

I have a complex mind. I’ve always felt it made me different and weird all throughout childhood and my teenage years. I would wonder why I had different thoughts than others and what that meant about me as a person. Was there something wrong? I’ve always felt like it’s neurons constantly firing and constantly making connections; making connections to the point of my brain being a huge clusterf-ck.

It’s taken me the last few years to get to where I am, but I know there’s so much more growth for me still.

My personal mantra is: complex mind, simple life. 

I have to purposefully create a juxtaposition in my life so that it balances out who I am naturally. That means meditation morning and night, waking up at 5am to do yoga and stretch, eating a little less and faster at lunch to squeeze in a long walk during my lunch hour, and letting go of things I cannot control. It’s being more mindful; it’s living in the present and enjoying the moment. It sounds so easy, but I’ve found it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever encountered –– mostly because every day presents itself with a different challenge based on the incidents of that day!

How do you keep your mind clear?

SONG: All Over Now- Eric Hutchinson

Starting from the Bottom

I started design classes at night in the city and I’m the only non-designer or non-art major in my classes. Big dreams here, you all.

Let me tell you…knowing you’re at the bottom is a SEVERE check in humility.

But that’s exactly why I’m doing this. I wanted a challenge, so hey, here’s to learning to drop the perfectionism. Here’s to truly being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

(I’m not comfortable yet.)

Do it for you.

WHAT I WORE: Black blazer x striped loose T shirt x dark wash jeans x black kitten heels.

Today, I had the strangest phenomenon. I wore those pair of black suede kitten heels. I got so much attention, but what was strange was that I often wear 3″ ankle boots/wedges to work as well. Something about these black suede kitten heels though. Didn’t think it was that big a deal, but I had so many coworkers ask “What’s the occasion?” and comment “wow! Look at you all fancy!”

But maybe the comment that REALLY put me off was the one I got from the secretary lady: “Wow.. you look all cute. New boyfriend?”

Wait WHAT? No. No. and No. Not new boyfriend. It has nothing to do with boyfriends or men or anyone at all actually. I dress for me.

I need no reason to put on black pumps.
I need no reason to swipe on red lipstick.
I need no explanation for anything…

except that I do it for me.

The occasion is me.
The fancy is for me.
The cute outfit makes me feel like I’m top of 7 worlds.
I do it for me.
I did it for myself.

My hope is that more people in the world do things “just because” for themselves.
You’re worth it. So am I. I hope you know that. 🙂

Handwritten Redemption

I should’ve known I would’ve ended up liking typography and lettering as a young child, but I never tapped into my passions and loves. If there’s one thing I really regret in my life, it’s that I didn’t take what I knew about myself and run with it. Here I am at 27 finally doing what I know I wanted to know all these years, so in a way, my regret isn’t really a regret.

It’s just another lesson learned and some mighty redemption.


trust the timing of your life

The same quote never means the same thing during different stages of your life.

Timing is such a strange and ephemeral idea. It has the power to bring the happiest and the saddest moments in life. It could be the difference between

life or death
your future spouse or a love lost
on time or late
funny or pointless

Here’s what I’ve learned about timing of late: Just let it sink in. Let it be what it is and appreciate it for what it is in the most objective way as possible. Everything happens for a reason, even the suffering and misery. You’re going to be better and greater tomorrow because of it, even if today, it doesn’t feel that way. Cry, scream, and cuss if you need to. When life throws you those curve balls, tell them “FUCK YOU”, then smile knowing full well that simply by smiling, you’ve already won half the battle.

As my coworker always says, “It’s gonna be great.”

And it will. Maybe not right now or even today, but it will. 🙂