A Simple New Years DIY Garland

This is a bit late, but this year, I made decorations for our New Years Eve party! It’s such a little detail, but little things make a big difference sometimes.

You will need:
-Black and gold glittered cardstock (or any color you’d like to have for that matter!)
-Scalloped circle punch
– 1/8″ hole punch
-Twine (any color, you pick!)

1. Punch out scalloped circles (mine are 1 1/2″) from cardstock. (Don’t bother doing your forearm workout.. this task will take care of it your workout quota for the day…)

2. Use 1/8″ hold punch and punch 2 holes on opposite sides of each scalloped circle.

3. Thread twin through scalloped circles to desired length. (I dipped the ends of the twine in wax so the end wouldn’t fray. I HIGHLY suggest this because it will cut your project time by half or more!)

4. Hang up as a garland, then spread the leftover scalloped circles on your party table as confetti!




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