Wait, January!

I don’t do yearly resolutions and it’s not because I’m too awesome for them, nor is it because I never get them done. I do monthly resolutions because simply put, they work for me. Do what works for you, or else you’ll never do it. I learned that in most aspects of my life except exercise (because I don’t know what works for me… yet). Moving along to those resolutions of January 2014…

1. No shopping for clothes or shoes.
2. Get website up and running.
3. Get Etsy up and running.
4. Get myself up and running (literally. in the gym.)

Verdict. Everyone wants to know verdict, right?
1. SUCCESS! I even DONATED old clothes and sold some for a oh so whopping $50!
2. SUCCESS! The website?
3. SUCCESS! Find me here!
4. MILD SUCCESS… I bought the new Fitbit Force and am trying to sell the Flex. I needed immediate feedback and since I’ve bought it, I’ve hit my goal 90% of the days!

So there you have it. January goals and results. Great start to the new year. February goals will be posted this weekend (that’s supposed to keep me accountable because clearly, I was SO on time with January’s resolutions!)



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