Core Values

In the last 2 years, I’ve picked up a core value that involves pairing down and striving to live a less materialized life. It’s not the easiest thing and don’t get me wrong,  I’ve still got boxes and boxes of untouched memories of my past to slowly sift through and toss. Devoting yourself to a more minimalistic lifestyle in no way means that I’m already there (yeah, right!). The act of going through your material possessions is difficult because the things you keep carry so many memories. It’s an incredibly emotional process, but that’s the most important part: it’s a PROCESS.

This summer, I went through my closet and got rid of a LOT clothes. (Have you ever counted every single article of clothing you own? Jackets, shirts, dresses, pants, scarves, skirts, tshirts, shorts… it adds up!!!). Capsules, remixable wardrobes, whatever you want to call it. I did 30×30 challenges for the longest of time to help myself pair down to the articles I truly wore and cherished. NOT easy. I’ve finally settled on seasonal capsules. I have my basics, which now I can afford quality items in exchange for variety and quantity. Each season, I allow myself to purchase a few items to modernize and amp up my basics. My most recent purchase included cream and black silk blouses in exchange for Oxford button downs I’ve owned for at least 3 years. They’re my closet’s new workhorses!

Here’s an example from my February 30×30 this year. Lots of black and white, but they make remixable very easy for me. My basics include: grey sweater (GAP), striped shirt (LandsEnd), herringbone vest (JCREW), grey coat (Warehouse), speckled asymmetrical moto cardigan (Ann Taylor). I love patterns and textures and little pops of color, so that’s found in striped/glittered flats (Banana Republic), red vegan leather bag (Angela+Roi), and coral slacks (Bossini Hong Kong) and coral top (F21). A lot of these pieces cross seasons, which makes it EVEN better when it comes down to owning less items!


With less items, I’ve found my life has changed in so many ways. I’m more mindful of my choices and more selective about what I buy, when I buy. It’s even carried over to other aspects of my life, such as being able to say “No” or to be selective about how and with whom to spend my time and energy on. In tiny steps, I find myself stress less and less by practicing mindfulness. It’s a new level of contentment that I have never experienced and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and my life.

How do you practice mindfulness or how would you like to? 🙂


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