March Goals

Okay, for starters, I splurged. It was a bag I’d been eyeing for the longest time and it was worth like 5 months of my shopping budget, which is $100/month. BUT it was so worth it and I canNOT wait for it to be in my hands. It’s a hard bag to get your hands on because they don’t have ecommerce nor sell in most department stores. I’m happy to sacrifice 5 months of shopping budget towards it, which is a perfect lead in to my March goals!

1. Sweet drinks down to 2 times a month (you don’t understand my boba and coffee addiction)

2. Gym 3x a week, 30 minutes of exercise a day.

3. No shopping unless using up money from selling clothes at Platos Closet.

4. Organize craft supplies.

5. Take care of all reimbursements from work!

6. Get some more pictures up on this blog.. I know, I know. Slowly but surely.


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