Peach Coat: 3 Ways

I wanted a scalloped peach/pink coat back in December after watching and watching and watching it. Then it sold out in my size. I was pretty much devastated, but I guess that’s what happens when you want something that just isn’t within your budget. Luckily, I was able to to find the same jacket in a different online boutique in January! I couldn’t find the exact picture, but this one is pretty close in color I believe.
Because my coat has pretty girly scalloped sleeves and hem, I paired it with basics and patterned items in each outfit. I don’t wear much jewelry, so patterned pieces give me the smidgen of interest in an outfit.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting another 3 and one is a wild card pairing! Hint: it came up in a previous blog post!

One thought on “Peach Coat: 3 Ways

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