Little, but beautiful things


I took the day off today for personal reasons (non emergency, by the way). I have to constantly remind myself to slow down in life. I’m a fast walkin’, fast talkin’, fast thinker, fast doer at work. I know it takes its toll on my body, mind, and soul even if I deny it and push on. Every single time I take a day off, I sleep in and appreciate the sleep I get more! I love making coffee and STAYING to stand in front of the coffeemaker, hearing, smelling, listening to the drip drop drip drop of my coffee.

I purposely strive to wake up at 6am to enjoy the still and quiet of the world. I find so much solace and peace in being awake and driving to work while the rest of the world is “asleep”. I have no place to go. I have nowhere to be. I just have to force myself to simply be, to soak in the world. I love the smell of the dew in the morning and the cold foggy air that cuts quick and sends me shuddering and cozying up in my coat even more. I love seeing the sun play hide and seek with me behind dark ominous clouds with painterly sunrise colors behind.

I suppose I love beautiful things. Little, but beautiful things… but I often forget about sitting still and letting them find me. I’m too busy out searching for big beautiful things. My unruly cowlick, the natural patterns in broccoli florets, watching a dust ball dance across the hardwood floor.. are all just as important.

Don’t forget to enjoy the life you have while you chase the life you want. Happy Monday, all.  🙂


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