Liked That, Made This: Tangerine Tote

I found an amazingly fun and colorful tangerine print dress at J.Crew Factory in the girl’s section, but unfortunately, my size was sold out! It’s probably a good thing because it was insanely expensive, but I swear I had dreams about this print. I had to have it.. someway, somehow… so I DIY’d it. Not on a dress. On a tote bag, simply because I can’t wear the same dress consecutive days without looking crazy or like I don’t do laundry. The tote bag though, ohhhhh this tote bag gives me a valid excuse to be carrying around this fun print EVERY DAY as I wish.  That makes me happy as does this bag.. to the nth degree.

It took me 1 hr to paint (both sides) and cost $5 for the tote bag. I had the paints and mediums already!
Liked That, Made This

Tangerine Tango indeed!

Also, please excuse the sheer simplicity of this collage. I’m taking an online class on how to use photoshop to make collages for blogging, and as you can see, I just starting off. I’m sure it’ll get better as time and practice happen. Until then, please be kind, be very kind. 😉



Cognac Ankle Boots: 5 Ways

I’ve been searching high and low for a pair of classic quality cognac/tan ankle boots. I thought I’d found those dream pair of ankle booties, but when they arrived.. they were a disappointment. Like a gorgeous souffle that just falls immediately upon exiting the heat of the oven. BOOM. Just like that.
They were flimsy leather and creased upon arrival. Heart. Broken. But if they DID work out, and if I DO find the perfect cognac ankle booties (within my budget.. I’m looking at you, Madewell)… then this is how I’d pair them. Year round. Trust me you, I rock florals in the winter, fashion nono or not. Just pair with leather leggings or something darker and it’s a done deal in my book. 
Cognac Ankle Boots: 5 Ways

Jean Jacket 4 Ways: Spring Break Ed.

It’s finally my Spring Break! Here’s a non-Coachella outfit post for all those who are “nochella”ing. Now I’ll have some more time to post. I have a jean jacket sitting in my closet that I bought for $10 that I’m trying to wear more. I am enjoying my Spring Break as a staycation, spending time renovating my closest/room, taking time to catch up on reading, and crafting!
Because I have a minimalistic closet, many items are basics. I trust my coral bottoms and switch to sandals to take the same pieces I wear year round into Spring. New nail polish in spring colors add a subtle brightness as well! 
Jean Jacket 4 Ways: Spring Break Ed.

Photoshop Collages

Hi all! 

Been under the stress of my full time job, but I’m finally on Spring Break!

I’m taking a class on Skillshare about how to create collages. My hope is that my blog will have cuter collages for you to see/read! 


Wish me luck,