Wishful Wednesdays: Peachy nudes

Wishful Wednesdays.. is for things that are wanted, but are probably just a case of wishful thinking.

I’m attending a few spring/summer weddings in the upcoming months… so I’ve been looking around for some dresses. Here’s what I’d buy! I love the versatility of these pieces and how you can wear them in different ways, even if it’s not to a wedding. Th ose shoes are so simple that they can be easily paired with colored pants, white jeans, or even shorts! I’d love #3 even more if it was in a more neutral color like grey or black, but the cut and use of pattern is genius as far as being flattering to any figure.

Collage #3! Trying out different styles and designs in Photoshop.

Silk daydress. Knot necklace. Chevron dress. Strappy sandals. More strappy sandals.

Do you buy a new dress for every wedding you go to? Or do you wear the same ones in a different way?


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