Wishful Wednesdays: Mothers’ Day!

This post is after the fact, but on a personal note, my mom is traveling so we didn’t get to celebrate it on the day of anyways! That being said, these items are on my list of things to buy my momma for “just because”, birthday, and Christmas presents!

ImageMy mom is a practical woman. It’s difficult to buy her presents because she hardly ever wants anything! The best things to get for people who don’t really want anything.. are to buy them functional things that they might not want to fork up money to buy themselves!

Gift 1. My mom uses recycled paper cut into fourths and staples them for her To Do lists, but how cute would this illustrated fox notepad be?!
Gift 2. Recently, I helped my mom throw away some of her old lipsticks (yes, they actually do go bad!). I wanted to get her a bright red lipstick like the ones she tossed, but with SPF coverage! It’s perfect for anytime, but especially important when travelling and also out in the sun!
Gift 3. Baggies for an organized purse. No one needs things flying around all up in your bag. Corral them all in cute bags you don’t mind showing off!
Gift 4. Eye masks are glorious if you have trouble sleeping or have sensitive eyes to light! (I read online that people who like it completely dark when sleeping are more night people, whereas people who like light to shine into their rooms are morning people. Makes sense! I’m the latter! I love mornings! 🙂 )
Gift 5. Flats. I wear them daily when teaching. I don’t care if you have a active job or a desk job.. these flats are professional and comfy enough for whatever, whenever!

Find everything here!
1. Fox To Do List (boygirlparty). 2. Fresh Sugar Cherry (Fresh). 3. Ban.do baggies (shopbando) 4. Eye Mask (Ulta) 5. Kiki cap toe flats (JCrew)


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