The Colorful Creative Capsule: 14 Pieces, 49+ Outfits

Summer has FINALLY arrived for me! I just enjoyed my first week off and I have been sleeping in and chilling out.
I taught summer bridge this year, which is teaching a smaller group (25 students) of Kinders who are coming into 1st grade. I was paired with a Kinder teacher and we team taught (I teach 1st)! It was a valuable experience for both grade level teachers because we could experience different teaching styles and an elevated form of collaboration.
There are mixed studies about colors in classrooms, but I definitely inject SOME color in my wardrobe! It’s a highly creative environment, but I still need to dress professionally. General rule of thumb is to have tank tops to the shoulder and no low cut tops. Dresses and skirts are fine, but I prefer pants because I find myself moving around from desk to carpet to whiteboard and so forth.
This would definitely work for any creative work environment. Lots of students do summer internships, so this would work for you all too! 🙂
Stay tuned for outfits by week! 🙂