Travel Capsule: Washington D.C.

I’m back from our vacation to Washington D.C!

Alan and I travel light, so we shared one carry-on luggage and even then, we had plenty of room to share! We knew that it’d be hot and humid, but luckily for us, the weather wasn’t terribly humid! Guess we brought some Bay weather with us… 🙂

We knew that we’d spend a lot of time exploring and on buses/transportation but also in coffee shops, so our clothing choices had to be flexible in heat/AC and also comfortable, but polished.
I pretty much switched through the tanks with the shorts during the day and then wore jeans at night when it got a little cooler! On our more relaxed days (like spending a full day in Georgetown), I wore my striped dress!

Boring colors, but I let my textured scarf and striped dress pull some pattern for me. I also brought my Angela&Roi red crossbody and Longchamp berry tote, which brought a pop of color to my neutral colors!

Travel Capsule: Washington D.C.

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