Mens Fashion Capsule: Teacher Training

Alan started training/inservice last week like many other teachers! I’m so glad I have one more week before my training/inservice days!! It’s crunch time on my To Do List for summer (it was a ridiculous list that I regret, by the way).
Here’s what I’d buy for my Fall Capsule to wear for 3 months (I’m assuming you have jeans, t shirts, and other basics here…). Like my own style, I like things minimalistic, modern, and a little utilitarian. That jacket? REVERSIBLE. Infatuation.

3 shirts. 3 pants. 9 outfits (AT LEAST!).
Adding either a vest or the jacket (both sides) adds even more outfits to your list, but you get the idea by now, right? That means if you wear the vest/jacket and switch up the shoes strategically, you can squeeze 2 months worth of outfits out of these 10 items. (Wait, what? Yup! If you wore the first pair of shoes with interchanging the tops/pants, you’d have 9 outfits, right? Well change to the 2nd pair of shoes and interchange the tops/pants.. you get another 9 outfits! Throw in the vest? Another 18. The jacket instead? Another 18.)

Of course you wanna switch it up with the items you have in your closet already though! It gets pretty obvious when you wear the same pieces again and again, even if it’s a different “outfit”. Throw in jeans for casual Friday and T-shirs in 3 different colors for a little variety. (You’ll need to do laundry at some point, you know…)

Mens Fashion Capsule: Teacher Training


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