Teacher Capsule: Training & Inservice

It’s back to school almost, but first…  have you seen this? When I die, I hope it is at a faculty meeting or teacher inservice because the transition from life to death would be so subtle.
It made me laugh prettttty hard.That being said, teachers need to wear clothes that aren’t flip flops and shorts to work, even on training days. The weather is usually still hot in August in the Bay Area, but trainings occus indoors with A/C (usually). Part of back to school’s excitement comes in back to school shopping! Supplies and clothes are wallet suckers– TEACHERS INCLUDED.I’ve chosen to keep my wardrobe minimal, so I didn’t buy a ton of new outfits.  (Note: Some of these items are just for “show” and I do not own the ACTUAL brand/style. Polyvore doesn’t always have my exact item, so I choose according to similarity.)

All items were already in my closet with the exception of my newly bought items:
1) H&M polka dot cocoon coat (seen in this image. on clearance for $20)
2) Madewell vest ($70)
3) Nine West heels ($40)
4) Jcrew Grey Toothpick Jeans ($16 in credit from Plato’s Closet)

Teacher Capsule: Training & Inservice

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