Hey, 2015… this is a stare down.

It’s not 2015 yet, but it really doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in December 31st as the Night of Reckoning on unfulfilled resolutions, nor do I believe in January 1st as the Day of Grace. (Resolutions should be works in progress of differing durations after all, shouldn’t they?)

My resolution this year is simple as this: LIVE SIMPLY.

Back in college, one of my Philosophy professors called this “cutting the fat” or keeping things succinct. I’ve been dabbling in this idea of “cutting the fat” from my life for the past 5 years, mostly in material items, but I’ve found that stripping down all areas of my life is INSANELY liberating.

Things such as spending at least 5 minutes to meditate immediately when I wake to “delete” thoughts from my mind, going tech-less for a few hours at a time, buying less coffee, exploring in nature by myself, and just training myself to breathe slowly.

Here’s to 2015. I’m sure it’ll be the best year yet. 🙂