Work that matches your Ambition.

The idea to keep working hard to have your work match the level of your ambition is a great thought with a new year just beginning. I’ve worked myself to the bone the past 3 years teaching 1st grade and dedicated my time, money, and energy into my students, my curriculum, and my craft. Teaching is a science and an art. There are standards and data and analyzing and problem solving. Then there’s the engagement factor– you can’t captivate and activate bright minds without making it fun, interesting, and relatable.

I know I can continue to do more, but overall, I’m beginning to feel like for 1st grade… my work has surpassed my ambition.

What I’m saying is.. I’m ready for the next challenge. It’s one I’ve been on the fence about forever, but I think it’s time to make a giant leap of faith and just DO. On that note, I’m starting classes at UCBerkeley Extension in 2 weeks. 🙂

What is the “work” that you want to match your ambition in 2015?



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