trust the timing of your life

The same quote never means the same thing during different stages of your life.

Timing is such a strange and ephemeral idea. It has the power to bring the happiest and the saddest moments in life. It could be the difference between

life or death
your future spouse or a love lost
on time or late
funny or pointless

Here’s what I’ve learned about timing of late: Just let it sink in. Let it be what it is and appreciate it for what it is in the most objective way as possible. Everything happens for a reason, even the suffering and misery. You’re going to be better and greater tomorrow because of it, even if today, it doesn’t feel that way. Cry, scream, and cuss if you need to. When life throws you those curve balls, tell them “FUCK YOU”, then smile knowing full well that simply by smiling, you’ve already won half the battle.

As my coworker always says, “It’s gonna be great.”

And it will. Maybe not right now or even today, but it will. 🙂



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