Starting from the Bottom

I started design classes at night in the city and I’m the only non-designer or non-art major in my classes. Big dreams here, you all.

Let me tell you…knowing you’re at the bottom is a SEVERE check in humility.

But that’s exactly why I’m doing this. I wanted a challenge, so hey, here’s to learning to drop the perfectionism. Here’s to truly being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

(I’m not comfortable yet.)


Do it for you.

WHAT I WORE: Black blazer x striped loose T shirt x dark wash jeans x black kitten heels.

Today, I had the strangest phenomenon. I wore those pair of black suede kitten heels. I got so much attention, but what was strange was that I often wear 3″ ankle boots/wedges to work as well. Something about these black suede kitten heels though. Didn’t think it was that big a deal, but I had so many coworkers ask “What’s the occasion?” and comment “wow! Look at you all fancy!”

But maybe the comment that REALLY put me off was the one I got from the secretary lady: “Wow.. you look all cute. New boyfriend?”

Wait WHAT? No. No. and No. Not new boyfriend. It has nothing to do with boyfriends or men or anyone at all actually. I dress for me.

I need no reason to put on black pumps.
I need no reason to swipe on red lipstick.
I need no explanation for anything…

except that I do it for me.

The occasion is me.
The fancy is for me.
The cute outfit makes me feel like I’m top of 7 worlds.
I do it for me.
I did it for myself.

My hope is that more people in the world do things “just because” for themselves.
You’re worth it. So am I. I hope you know that. 🙂