Passion Projects

Do you have passion projects? You know, side projects you love, work at, and bring you copious amounts of joy?

So I think I’m going to make hand lettering my passion project of late. I didn’t want to say official because that word just makes things so rigid that it’s counterintuitive to the essence of a passion project in my opinion.

I had my first art exhibition last Friday and it was amazing. I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished in my Expressive Typography class with no design or art background. People were commenting on my poster and I can’t lie that it was a boost of confidence to know that people who didn’t know I was the maker behind that piece were telling me that was their favorite one. It’s an inspiring feeling and humbling too, knowing all the work I put in it was worthwhile.

Anyways, seeing my peers and their wonderful work made me think: what would happen if I hand lettered daily? My teacher encouraged me to really pursue that and I had people at the exhibition asking if I was going to quit my day job to pursue it. I’m going to first make it my passion project and I’ll be posting here.

Right now, my pieces are helping to brighten my classroom door. 🙂

First 2!


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