stripes x polka dots x pinks

It’s no secret that  I love stripes. And polka dots. And wearing stripes AND polka dots together. I can’t even remember when my obsession started, but I’m pretty sure it was in the 4th grade. Maybe it’s a little bold and crazy for some, but here is 5 days worth of pattern mixing of stripes and polka dots with the chosen color: pink! It made this set super girly, which actually isn’t my style… but it’s fun and eye catching! My favorite is the middle outfit (try as I may, deep down, I’m just a black, white, and grey kinda gal!)
stripes x polka dots x pinks

Fashion Fridays: May 2014 Capsule

It’s the month of May! I can’t even keep up anymore. I need simple formulas for my wardrobe, being a teacher. It needs to be easy to clean, easy to move in, and colorful!


I didn’t do a grid this time, but for this, all you do is pick a top, then a bottom, then lastly a pair of shoes! What you see is Week #1 outfits.


What’s Week #2? Keep reading!
May 2014 Capsule
Shift one of the rows over by 1 “spot” to the right (or left!). Now, my tops are: striped tank, white tank, floral shirt, polka dot blouse, black tank. So your outfits are now:

Monday- striped tank/yellow pants
Tuesday- white tank/black skirt
Wednesday- floral shirt/pink skirt
Thursday- polka dot blouse/coral pants
Friday- black tank/white pants

Week #3?

Shift over right/left (whatever you did last time) and go again!

Monday- black tank/yellow pants
Tuesday- striped tank/black skirt
Wednesday-white tank/pink skirt
Thursday- floral shirt/coral pant (wild card!! too much for me– which happens. just skip whatever outfits you don’t like and wear the next one!)
Friday- polka dot blouse/white pants

Week #4

Monday- polka dot blouse black tank/yellow pants
Tuesday- black tank/black skirt
Wednesday-striped tank/pink skirt
Thursday- white tank/coral pant
Friday- floral shirt/white pants

May is only 4 weeks long, but if you don’t like some of the outfit pairings? (it definitely happens!) Do a week 5! There are 5 items, so that means you can shift one more time!