Inspirational Thursdays: Pom Poms!

I love pom poms. My first memory of anything close to a pom pom was a Weepul. That was in Kindergarten and my teacher Mrs. Allemand had this little model schoolhouse that housed little Weepuls. If you were a star student, you would get to get a Weepul! I collected so many! Kindergarten was the life.

That being said, I’m not so much interested in Weepuls now, but pom poms are a fun and similar way to remember them! Something about colorful fluffy puffs make me so happy. I just want to grab an armful and squish them!


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Inspirational Thursdays : sneakerheads x water coloring

My brother is a sneakerhead and a few weeks ago, it was his birthday! I painted this piece for him on a whim. Can I be honest here? This was my first attempt at actual water coloring… And it took me like 2 hrs to complete!!


My brother loved it and I’ll be continuing to practice watercoloring in the future! It was a great way to release my perfectionist tendencies by working with a medium that is harder to control!

What’s your favorite medium to work with?