Work that matches your Ambition.

The idea to keep working hard to have your work match the level of your ambition is a great thought with a new year just beginning. I’ve worked myself to the bone the past 3 years teaching 1st grade and dedicated my time, money, and energy into my students, my curriculum, and my craft. Teaching is a science and an art. There are standards and data and analyzing and problem solving. Then there’s the engagement factor– you can’t captivate and activate bright minds without making it fun, interesting, and relatable.

I know I can continue to do more, but overall, I’m beginning to feel like for 1st grade… my work has surpassed my ambition.

What I’m saying is.. I’m ready for the next challenge. It’s one I’ve been on the fence about forever, but I think it’s time to make a giant leap of faith and just DO. On that note, I’m starting classes at UCBerkeley Extension in 2 weeks. 🙂

What is the “work” that you want to match your ambition in 2015?



Hey, 2015… this is a stare down.

It’s not 2015 yet, but it really doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in December 31st as the Night of Reckoning on unfulfilled resolutions, nor do I believe in January 1st as the Day of Grace. (Resolutions should be works in progress of differing durations after all, shouldn’t they?)

My resolution this year is simple as this: LIVE SIMPLY.

Back in college, one of my Philosophy professors called this “cutting the fat” or keeping things succinct. I’ve been dabbling in this idea of “cutting the fat” from my life for the past 5 years, mostly in material items, but I’ve found that stripping down all areas of my life is INSANELY liberating.

Things such as spending at least 5 minutes to meditate immediately when I wake to “delete” thoughts from my mind, going tech-less for a few hours at a time, buying less coffee, exploring in nature by myself, and just training myself to breathe slowly.

Here’s to 2015. I’m sure it’ll be the best year yet. 🙂

Lemon blueberry cupcakes

I don’t LOVE cupcakes but I do have cravings for them now and again. It’s hard for me to pay $3+ for a cupcake knowing that I can whip up 18 in about an hour from scratch!

I used a recipe from Table for Two and they were pretty delicious! The only change I made to the recipe was that I put MORE blueberries!



Mens Fashion Capsule: Teacher Training

Alan started training/inservice last week like many other teachers! I’m so glad I have one more week before my training/inservice days!! It’s crunch time on my To Do List for summer (it was a ridiculous list that I regret, by the way).
Here’s what I’d buy for my Fall Capsule to wear for 3 months (I’m assuming you have jeans, t shirts, and other basics here…). Like my own style, I like things minimalistic, modern, and a little utilitarian. That jacket? REVERSIBLE. Infatuation.

3 shirts. 3 pants. 9 outfits (AT LEAST!).
Adding either a vest or the jacket (both sides) adds even more outfits to your list, but you get the idea by now, right? That means if you wear the vest/jacket and switch up the shoes strategically, you can squeeze 2 months worth of outfits out of these 10 items. (Wait, what? Yup! If you wore the first pair of shoes with interchanging the tops/pants, you’d have 9 outfits, right? Well change to the 2nd pair of shoes and interchange the tops/pants.. you get another 9 outfits! Throw in the vest? Another 18. The jacket instead? Another 18.)

Of course you wanna switch it up with the items you have in your closet already though! It gets pretty obvious when you wear the same pieces again and again, even if it’s a different “outfit”. Throw in jeans for casual Friday and T-shirs in 3 different colors for a little variety. (You’ll need to do laundry at some point, you know…)

Mens Fashion Capsule: Teacher Training

Teacher Capsule: Training & Inservice

It’s back to school almost, but first…  have you seen this? When I die, I hope it is at a faculty meeting or teacher inservice because the transition from life to death would be so subtle.
It made me laugh prettttty hard.That being said, teachers need to wear clothes that aren’t flip flops and shorts to work, even on training days. The weather is usually still hot in August in the Bay Area, but trainings occus indoors with A/C (usually). Part of back to school’s excitement comes in back to school shopping! Supplies and clothes are wallet suckers– TEACHERS INCLUDED.I’ve chosen to keep my wardrobe minimal, so I didn’t buy a ton of new outfits.  (Note: Some of these items are just for “show” and I do not own the ACTUAL brand/style. Polyvore doesn’t always have my exact item, so I choose according to similarity.)

All items were already in my closet with the exception of my newly bought items:
1) H&M polka dot cocoon coat (seen in this image. on clearance for $20)
2) Madewell vest ($70)
3) Nine West heels ($40)
4) Jcrew Grey Toothpick Jeans ($16 in credit from Plato’s Closet)

Teacher Capsule: Training & Inservice

Summer to Fall: The Striped Dress

Ahhhhh the little striped dress. A closet MVP in its versatility! These are items from my closet and every piece is a staple in my wardrobe! I’m sure if you start following my little blog, you will see these items time and time again. Summer to Fall: The Striped Dress
The general idea here is that in the summer, you have a lighter coat and sandals/flats with a smaller clutch/bag. The jean jacket helps in late summer with breezy days, chilly nights, and indoor A/C.

To transition into fall, grab a warmer, heavier coat with a collar preferably (or a scarf!). Swap those sandals and flats for ankle booties and a swap the clutch for a bright (and larger) crossbody bag.

Have any questions of whether or not an article of clothing would work with your striped dress? Comment and ask! 🙂